The Major Cities

Wanderer's Way

"The feet of the wanderer will lead him home." – Old Traveler's Saying
That was the saying of the original traveler's that first began to create Wanderer's Way. A massive melting pot of the races of Riltar, Wanderer's Way was established by various nomadic shop keeps, caravans, and traveling sellswords. Though the youngest of the four cities, Wanderer's Way is by and the large the biggest establishd city within Riltar. It's government is extremely simple; enforced by the citizens themselves, everyone chips in their own lot, with elected officials helping build the city. All entering into Wanderer's Way makes a small payment, much of the city relying on other donations to keep up repairs of the city, and those that live within it pay a tax equal to the amount of space they take up. There is no established government, so no universal police system. Sellswords from all over Riltar generally call Wanderer's Way their home.

As the city is made up of business men, sellsword companies, and black market dealers, their own guards provide more then enough of a structured law system. More often then not, a quick hand and lots of combat experience can ensure that the 'law' will be on their side. No one is above another within Wanderer's Way; not bureaucrats, not religious officials, all are equal within the Way as all are wanderer's. Everyone is on even ground, and thus no one gets better treatment then the other. That being said, one with lots of gold and popularity can usually sway the rest of the populaces opinion and are usually able to buy a better standard of living.

The religions of Riltar all find a home within the city of Wanderer's Way itself. While small chapels of all manner of gods are found within Wanderer's Way, the largest temples of Travelalagn (the god of Travel, Roads, and Halflings), and Garl Glittergold (the god of coin and gnomes). 


Trenton/Trenton City

"Man must better himself, not through magic, not through the gods, but by his own cunning and intellect; only this way will we secure a place for mankind within this dark world." – Roderick Trenton
The city of Trenton is by and large the most advanced of the four kingdoms within Riltar. The city is named after the rulers who first founded the city, the Trenton's. The current ruler of Trenton is Roderick Trenton. A man of incredible intellect and genius, Roderick has pushed the usage of alchemy to new heights never imagined before and is credited with the invention and use of the steam engine; the device of which that is beginning to change all of Riltar. Because of this, his city uses steam for nearly everything, and has made the city a shining beacon of industry. Trenton himself has an incredible disdain for all gods, as do many of his people. For that reason no temples or chapels exist within Trenton, and healing is done by medicine and alchemy.

Trenton City has always been ruled by a Trenton, with no exceptions since its building built so many thousands of years ago. Though the city has grown in the past, over the discovery of steam widespread use of technology, the city has grown exponentially over the last two decades. Trenton's genius has lead the city into a new age of industry, one so brilliant that it effects all of Riltar.

The city itself is built with a sort of class system in mind, with entrepenuers, inventors, and scientists are among the elite of the society. Built on a parliament system, with Roderick himself bearing over it, the city's main focuses are on the advancement of steam and alchemical inventions. The city has many factories, churning out new products for Riltar to use, but the great clouds of smog hang over the city, casting it in a perpetual shadow. So much so is the toxic run off from the city that the area surrounding the city bears no life, and acid rain that falls within the walls of Trenton.

The Kingom of Arlure

"Let all be welcomed within Arlure! Be you magic user, alchemist, or sellsword, we will hold no grudges against them within this city of lights." – Sidus Openheart, King of Arlure

Arlure has been one of, if not the, longest standing city within all of Riltar. Having changed very little sense its construction, Arlure is built along the Spine of the World. In order to reach Arlure one must past through the Nebulous Mire, a wooded swamp that is near impossible to navigate save for the Pass of Lights. A road that had been enchanted for centuries to show the path to the kingdom. Arlure has been ruled by various kings and queens throughout its ages, but it has always been a bastion for those looking for a peaceful and safe life. Debatebly, the most protected cities, Arlure's massive walls are considered to be indestructible, even by cannon fire, and can be controlled by the king himself to open or close. 

Arlure contains the largest chapel of Sarenrae and Avandra, as the always traveling halflings tend to find themselves always welcomed to Arlure. The king of Arlure, is one of the few true blooded giants left within Riltar, a storm giant by the name of Sidus Openheart. He is a beloved king, and his son is set to be due any day now from his wife, Queen Carissa. Sidus is also a king who enjoys magic a great deal, despite the stigma that now resides within the rest of Riltar.

The Kingdom of Arlure has always had issues with the hags that exist within the swamp surrounding the kingdom. In the past, an order of paladins resided within the kingdom to keep its people safe. That time has long since past, and the order disappeared quite long ago, though none are sure why. It is rumored that Sidus may have had a hand in it, but none can be sure why save for the king himself. King Sidus as of late has also began to surround himself with nobles of varying ranks, often throwing parties that all are invited to.


"For it us that holds the keys to the safety and comfort of the cities. Enforcerers and law bringers, it is our calling to keep the lands safe from those that would seek to harm upon Riltar, upon our home. Out of goodness, out of duty, out of responsibility, we shall take up our arms and destroy those that cling to the ways of evil and chaos. Here in this time of mind clouding hags, of plague bringing werebeasts, this time where we are needed most: we are the Judges, as we are the Excutioners, as we are The Keys." – The Keys 1:5

Sanctuary, a religious city and fourth of the three major cities. The capital and seat of power of those that worship Abadar, the Iron Key, Sanctuary is a city devoted to law, order, peace, and good. It is here that the paladins, clerics, and priests of Abadar are formally taught the laws that more or less govern most of Riltar. Priests of Abadar are considered to be the legal law enforcement in all of Riltar, because of this his chapels are by and large the most spread throughout the land. Those looking to become a law enforcerer are required to make a pilgrimage to Sanctuary, either with proof of contract from a noble of some sort that they upheld the law, or with a proof that they have captured or killed a criminal. Due to Sanctuary being built within a very large mountain, it is home to one of the largest and most feared prisons in all of Riltar as well: The Hot Irons. A prison built alongside where an active volcano lies, the prisoners are subjected to unheard of tortures and heat, to pay for their crimes.

As of the last five decades, the Key of the City and its worshippers have fought a near endless battle against magic using witches and hags. Promptly named 'The Season of the Witch', the worshippers of Abadar have spread a hatefilled dogma against magic and its users. Blaming magic for the curse of lycanthropy that runs rampant through Riltar, and the seemingly unkillable trolls that have appeared more and more, the people of Riltar have grown to hate magic as well. So much so that if a magic user is found within cities and towns, they are burned at the stake or tortured publically for their 'unholy acts'. As of late though, within this very decade, the Iron Key has begun to allow magic users to exist by requiring they register themselves to the nearest chapel or temple of Abadar. Once registered, a mage must wear a special set of manacles that allow the head priests of that town or village to keep them monitored.

Also as of late, the Key of Iron's bishops have gone into an agreement with every other religion that exists within Riltar quite suddenly. Sending out specialized individuals known only as Judges, these men and women are surrounded by secrecy, and it is rumored that a holy organization is being brought together someplace within Riltar, known only as the Inquisiton.

The Major Cities

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