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"Not everyone is cut out to be a baker, that's for damn sure. Phill over there used to be a tavern owner, until the place was burnt to the ground by a band of trolls. There's good work in being a sellsword, that is if you're willing to put your life on the line. The coin though…well, few people make as much as we do." – Franz 'Flammenschertz' Querick, Sellsword for Hire

The life of a sellsword is a hard earned one, and there is no such thing as a peaceful life for one. Sellswords by trade, are mercenaries; willing to risk life and limb for jobs that are placed by those with enough coin. All throughout riltar, in just about every town is a Sellsword Guild house, with a wall of jobs posted either within or outside the house. After gaining approval with the guild house, anyone can place a job on the board for coin or other goods for a job completed. Sellswords, many would say, are different then the general public in that they can simply survive things that would kill the common man. Whether this is through training, or unusual hardiness, sellswords are often looked upon with a mixture of fear and awe by those they pass by.

The sellsword emblem is very simply a sword above a parchment of paper, often woven as a patch or pin (those that are particularly proud sometimes have medals created). Sellswords often run as groups, or parties, throughout Riltar to achieve their jobs with more haste and safety, and in general they possess a more personal banner and name to accompany it. The Emerald Banners, Singers Swords, or Calvic's Courier's are just to name a few examples. Sellswords are almost constantly traveling, never really staying in one town for too long as jobs can grow scarce. Often times, those with wanderlust often become a sellsword as it's a great way to make money.

Sellswords in general, make a fair bit of coin on their travels as jobs general involve risk of life or limb. Very few sellswords that stay in the business live to old ages, and those that do are often highly regarded for their work. A sellsword can be any manner of person, even a spellcaster, and while each sellsword is entitled to their own opinion and religion, the Guild House welcomes any that are combat trained to join their ranks. The Guild House often provides a means of simple food and equipment that can be purchased at its home, as well as very simple cots though those are mostly almost always in use. Unlike any other guilds, a sellsword need not do anything to maintain their entry within the guild house, as the guild makes a small fee off of any mission completed. A sellsword could retire for a decade, and return back to the field and still be welcomed in with open arms.

The Lifestyle

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