The Dark Forest

"Many have claimed to tread through the Nebulous Marsh, the Frozen Wastes, and the deeper waters of the oceans. Many have claimed that they have found dungeons in the darkest parts of the earth, or have climbed mountains so tall that they have stared over the clouds themselves. But none have claimed to go into the Dark Forest. For all know that only death, and the most primal of beasts reside within that ancient, shadowy wood." – Davith Nimro, Mithral Swordsman, Leader of the Hunter's Guild

The Dark Forest is a legendary and infamous place that exists within Riltar. A massive forest that resides along the southern part of Riltar, the Dark Forest has existed since the world was first created. Filled with trees so massive that they dwarf some mountains, the canopy is so impossibly thick that all near all light does not pass through its thick foliage. Whatever has caused the Dark Forest to exist, it has affected that monsters that reside within it as well. Creatures primal and massive that near constantly leave the forest to wreak havoc on the villages and towns within Riltar. Though the threat of the Dark Forest is so terrible, none dare attempt to venture deep into the woods, as none have returned once entering the forest.

This being said, there exists, but one town that resides on the very border of the forest. This village is known as Dendenas, the village located just near the forest and through a near impossible past through a range of mountains known as The Lost Men. Filled with incredibly hardy people, the Dendenasians do not fear the forest, and fight all that attack them. Wielding weapons much larger then should be possible to wield effective, they cling to the old ways and have not embraced the ways of steam or machinery, their people a mix of stubborn pride and spiritual connections.

Despite being so rough around the edges, and generally unpleasant to outsiders, the Dendenasians  trade often with those brave enough to make it through the Lost Men's pass. For the people of Dendenas have a material that is unlike anything Riltar, or the world Ailoria for that matter possess. Darkwood. Possessing a secret known only to those that have lived within the village, the people of Dendenas are said to be able to harvest the bark of the trees of the Dark Forest. A feat normally concerned impossible, as the trees of the Dark Forest posses bark so strong that neither metal nor magic can cut down the mighty trees. Dark Wood posses an incredible toughness not unlike steel, and is said to be able to dampen magic when treated correctly. Making this material highly sought after, along with other various plants and flowers that are said to exist within the forest.

The Dark Forest

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