Steam Power

"Having trouble with tiresome trolls? Seek a means to end a witch's streak? Heading out to end a werewolf's hunt!? Then look no further then Trenton Works! Where we supply you sellswords with the best their is in steampowered and technological marvels! And when you're done here, hop aboard our patented Steam Chain to your next destination!" – Trenton Works Shop Owner

The harnessing of steam has begun to change the face of Riltar, effecting even the lowliest house owner to the wealthiest business man. With it have come great leaps in technology and industrialization, turning the landside of Riltar to great stretches of machinery. Factories and the assembly line have begun to mass produce all manner of inventions, and all pour from the city of Trenton. Many of which include augmentations and devices fit for sellswords, such as ways to light ones weapon in flammable liquid without magical means, or produce thunderous echoes when striking a foe. Within Trenton itself, many new augmentations are being created to further improve the body as well; with many alchemists and sellswords losing limbs, gearwork prosthetics have been introduced in recent years by none other then Kimbli Ruinlauncher. Everyday new technology is being pushed to improve man's body, many scientists looking for a way to easily augment the body. (Consult your DM with further questions about steam powered equipment)

One such marvel of technology are the great locomatives called Steam Chains, great machineries that run along tracks that stretch from the focal point of Wanderer's Way. A stop is in near every major town along its roads, and with it has brought great commerce and resources to what would be hard to reach places, often referred to as Link Breaks. Sellswords often use Steam Chains for a mode of transportation, easily getting them and their parties to destinations that would take weeks and is instead only days. There are three types of tickets for those interested in riding a steam chain: coachette, which are tightly crammed seats with little room for luggage which cost two silver. Business, a five gold pieces, which are private booths for up to six people with room for luggage. And finally first-class, one platinum piece, which are private rooms with curtained off bunk beds to sleep, servants, and catered food. An additional one gold piece is required for each horse or livestock that comes along, and an additional five gold pieces for any carriage brought along on travels.

"Take to the skies! With our patented zeppelin air tracks! Garunteed to take you safely from anywhere within the cities!" – Trenton Works

As of the last year, the great zeppelins have taken to the skies of Riltar. Rigid airships filled with a flammable, heavily pressurized gas and piloted by gnomes and goblins, these zeppelins carry passengers within the major cities. These zeppelins have only recently been introduced to the public but nobleman and businessman are flocking to them, using them to quickly deal with business across the cities. Very rarely does a zeppelin leave one of the capitals, and as such is only used for emergencies. A zeppelin trip costs three gold pieces, and is garunteed to reach a destination that would take hours in just under sixty minutes.

Steam Power

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