Many races exist within Riltar, though few can truly call it home. Many nomadic races exist within Ailoria, and while there may be more individuals within Riltar that exist outside of the list races here, the ones listed are the most populace of those within its borders.

By and large the most populace of the races, humans make up most of the citizens within Riltar. Their cultures differ depending on where each is raised, but overall humans have an unbound curiosity, and drive to surpass those around them. Many humans have mixed views on arcane magic, some watching it with distrust and warriness others relentlessly hating it and actively seek the deaths of those that control it. Regardless, humans as a group have never been ones to sit on their haunches and let other races pass them.

Excitable, incorrigible, creative, and imaginative, gnomes are as cunning as they are intelligent. Renowned for their alchemical creations, gnomes are able to create incredible alchemical devices. Gnomes, while quite brilliant, view everything they come across with an almost child like wonder, having no limit to the energy they put into things that they do. Thanks to this, they're some of the most brilliant minds in all of Riltar. It's unknown just where the gnomes originate from, but it's known that they dare the deep seas of Ailoria and have an incredible knowledge on creating sea faring vessels. Some long time ago, the gnomes were said to have a great handle over arcane magicks, they now favor alchemy.

Forgemasters and runesmiths, it is said none, but those within Trenton can best a dwarf in smithing metal. It's said all dwarves have a home called The Motherland, that exists somewhere within the Spine of the World. For some time, few dwarves left their home to explore the world. However, over the last few decades more and more have left their home to explore Riltar. They bring with them incredible inventions of metals, massive objects powered by both steam and an unknown source of magic derived from runes. Few are as stubborn as a dwarf, but to befriend one is to have a friend for life. Wrong one, and few can hold a grudge longer then them.

Friendly and likeable, the halflings are some of the only true nomads of Ailoria. Even within Riltar they have no true home, though Arlure is a close substitue. Driven by a neverending wanderlust, halflings spend most of their lives wandering the world, making friends, telling tales, and making a name for themselves. Often seen as generous and naive, halflings are almost always foolishly optimistic, and see everything on the brighter side of things. That being said, halflings can be just as fearsome as anyone in the wilds, despite their small stature.

Mysterious and cunning, little is known of drow culture. A wandering nomadic people, drows move about Riltar in great, brilliantly colored caravans. Offering fortune tellings and sooth sayings, the drow are filled with a magical mystery that many do not enjoy. Staying just outside of towns and able to leave quickly, all thats really known of drow is that they have a powerful tie to shadow magicks. And they are not to be trifled with.

It's said that over a thousand years ago Riltar was filled with a great conflict of the races of Riltar against a great orc menace. However, banding together the orcs were driven out of the land, save for those going northward into the Frozen Waste. And those that were captured. Now, orcs that live within Riltar are nothing more then slaves. Their children used as a workforce to those willing to pay coin for them. Though the orcs have been in servitude for a great amount of time, their lust for battle and will to fight has never died. It takes a firm hand to keep an orc in check. Few free orcs move about Riltar, though those that do generally flock to Arlure, where the slavery of their kind and the children is illegal.

The children of a defeated race, half-orcs are raised as slaves. For many that is the only life they know, their strength used for manuel labor, and whatever their owners decide they are to be used for. Treated generally as objects, the slave trade is somewhat proliferate throughout Riltar, being seen mostly in Trenton and Sanctuary, and being sold in Wanderer's Way. No slaves are allowed within Arlure, and typically, when a half-orc flees their owners, that is where they run to.

Energetic, insane, and prone to destruction, the goblins of Riltar are far and above the smartest of their kind. When alchemy first became proliferate within the gnomish community, Nicolos Flameable taught it to a goblin village near the Mire of Arlure. What happened next was safe to say, something that changed Riltar a fair bit. The goblins took to it quite quickly, spreading like wild fire throughout their people, it was very soon that goblins went from their primitive lifestyle to just as civilized as any other within Riltar. However, due to their nature few goblins used alchemy to create, but to help destroy (or set on fire depending on the goblin). Still, their alchemy was to be respected as one goblin (whose name has been lost to the records due to a massive explosion) discovered blackpowder, and was the first to implement it into a firearm. Reluctantly credited with the first firearm, goblins have become a well respected force within Riltar.

Nearly as mysterious as their sister race the drow, elves do roam the mountainous region of Riltar. Relatively kept to themselves, elves are said to have a natural affinity to the arcane magic, and are thus not welcomed within most cities. Very little is known of their culture, many say that those that are within Riltar have traveled from some other foreign land for some unknown reason. Many also say that, like the drow, they are strictly nomadic and do not hold their own home city. Whatever is to be said of the elves, none can deny that their arcane might is powerful. 


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