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This is Riltar. A land doused in near perpetual overcast, dark clouds, and rainy weather. A nation with a long history and wilds throughout almost all of the nation, it is a very difficult place to live. Outside of the four major cities, the people struggle to survive behind wooden walls from the monsters of the land. With alchemy on the rise and the power of machines, man is starting to push back against the wilds. And men and women who brave all of this for coin and legend, known only as Sellswords. 

-The Major Cities
-The Dark Forest
-Spine of the World
-The Black Iris Isles
-The Frozen Wastes
-The Confluence
-The Lost Men
-The Highlands
-The Mire
-The Plains
-Lake Morvar
-Large Towns

-Traditions and Customs
-Religion and the Gods
-Groups and Guilds
-Ailorian Calendar

Those That Stalk the Night 
-The Lycanthrope Curse
-The Ravenous
-The Trolls
-The Season of the Witch
-The Carnival
-The Lanterns

-The Lifestyle
-Steam Power
-The Inquisition
-Magic and their Users

Main Page

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