There are many notable figures within Riltar, some capable of shaping full cities while others have simply been around long enough to be incredibly powerful in their own right. Those listed here are those known by the public, and are common names known by sellswords and those that deal with them.

Roderick Trenton
Ruler of Trenton City, Roderick is an intellectual genius. Credited for creating the steam engine, the popularization and teaching alchemy, and countless other inventions, few can come close to rivaling this man's intellect. Or his disdain for religion and magic.

King Sidus Openheart
The king of Arlure, Sidus Openheart is a beloved king and friend to all that come within his city. One of the last true giants within Riltar, he is that of a storm giant. In his natural state, he often walks about the city of Arlure, standing near three time as tall as the tallest human, he is as gentle as they come. Often times, when around children, he'll give them rides throughout the city, or shrink his size to that of an average human to dine and visit his people throughout Arlure. Benevolent and kind, he holds no hatred within his heart towards magic users, and welcomes all within his grand city. He is a great fan of holding open balls and festivals, surrounding himself with friends and nobles alike. His is said to be due with child soon.

Pontiff Marcast Aurelius
Pontiff of Abadar, leader of the Iron Keys and teachings of his edicts resides within Sanctuary. A stern man, he leads the crusades against the magic users over the past decades, and holds an especially fiery hatred of hags and witches. Stoic in most moments, he considers the laws of the land as sacred divine text.

Saint Cuthbert
Creater of the religious text, 'Common Sense', Saint Cuthbert believes in a very simple tenet. 'Believe the law, do good, use common sense', which is written within the book of no longer then thirty pages. It is said his sainthood was acquired when, as a young shepherd, he defeated a coven of hags using little more then his wooden cudgel for 'doing evil things'. Normally a bishop who spreads his teachings, in the most recent decades rumor swirls that he has something to do with the mysterious Inquisition.

Dava Nimro
One of the only Mithral Swordsman's within the Hunter's Guild, and leader of the Hunter's Guild, Dava personally leads the charge against the lycanthrope plague. Nearly obsessed with the ideas of glory and fame, it has driven Dava to hunt the most legendary creatures within Riltar. And to personally sever the heads of the alphas amongst the lycanthrope packs.

Nicolas Flameable
A prestigious alchemist and head of the Alchemist's Guild, Nicolas Flameable is a gnome of great brilliance. Credited with partial invention of the great Steam Chains that cross and dot Riltar, he's done his best to spread alchemy as far as he could throughout the land. In his older years, Nicolas has been looking for a successor. He is incredibly strict, and holds all of his students to very high standards that some deem 'impossible'. He has quite a sense of humor and is rivals with Flynt Locke.

Flynt Locke Blackpowder
A gruff dwarf, Flynt Locke Blackpowder is the considered the current leader of the Merchant's Guild. Though there are several powerful figures within the guild itself, Flynt Locke oversees caravan movements, and the shop owners within Wanderer's Way. He personally oversees a small dwarven community within Wanderer's Way as well, and is said to have many secret projects. He loves vodka, and is rivals with Nicolas Flameable. He is also partially credited with the construction of the Steam Chains and Steam Links.

Stephanos Hamelin
The so-called 'leader' of the Thieves' Guild, if one can find the man named Stephanos one can find the black market of Riltar. Extremely little is known of the Thieves' guild, save that is it said to operate within all cities and villages within Riltar. Stealing for a common goal and combining their efforts to undermine the Church of the Iron Key. As much as the Iron Key would like to capture and convict Stephanos of crimes against Riltar, nothing can be proven against him, and thus he cannot be imprisoned. He originates from Arlure.

Dirk Redhart
Leader of the Sellswords' Guild, Dirk Redhart is a very seasoned traveler and warrior. Having done just about any sort of mission imaginable, Dirk Redhart's job as guild leader is to make sure sellswords are given their just dues. If someone does not make a payment that was posted, its their job to make sure they do so. While there are few guild houses throughout Riltar, the officiates of the guild constantly travel and take missions as well. Dirk Redhart has no opinion on magic or religions, but it is known that he and Saint Cuthbert are drinking buddies.

Aleksandra O'Kallion
Master explorer, Aleksandra O'Kallion is the leader of the Explorer's Guild. Hher guild's purpose is to travel and map all that there is of Riltar and eventually all of Ailoria. Working hand in hand with the Sellswords guild, they make quite a bit of money for their dedicated and ornate maps. In addition, their guides are incredibly professional and dedicated to their jobs. Aleksandra O'Kallion has expressed numerous times how she wishes to explore the Dark Forest, and makes frequent trips to Dendenas.

Darius 'Cannonblade' Sirmal
Field Marshal of the Riltar Regiment, Darius is a brilliant general and tactician. An orc man, and one of the few people in power, the Riltar Regiment are the conscripts that are formed within every established village. Dotting all of Riltar are well constructed forts, that provide safety and security in the surrounding areas.

Leader of the notorious thieves group, the Hidden Aces, Atlas is said to be a true master of disguise and expert swordsman. Stealing from all he pleases, Atlas is shrouded in mystery and secrecy as to just who he is and what the motives of his Aces actually are.

Bane, the One Eyed Bounty Hunter
The bounty hunter known as Bane is a name filled with bloodshed and infamy. Notorious for his delight in the kill, Bane is said to have never failed or missed his mark. Said to contain powerful magic in one glove, it is also said he possesses an eye that can rip the soul of a man from his body. Something other then human, the rumors say that if you can hire Bane, he'll capture anyone he sets his one eye on.

Kimbli Ruinlauncher of 'Kimbli's Miracle Elixir's
The name Kimbli Ruinlauncher has begun to spread far and wide throughout Riltar within the last three years, most especially from the Alchemist's Guild and the word of mouth of every sellsword unfortunate enough to lose a limb while completing a bounty. An older gnome, Kimbli is an exceptional alchemist, and debatably one of the most popular gnomes within Riltar. Due to his genius he has created an exceptional item, branded as 'Kimbli's Amazing Mekalemmer', fully functioning and moving gear work and steam powered limbs. Capable of replacing and functioning just as well (if not better) then the natural thing, Kimbli has made a name for himself within the Alchemist's Guild. Not much is known outside of his business life, save for that he has a lovely daughter, and a supposed half-orc mechanic that follows him everywhere named 'Gunther'. Just what the mechanic is used for, few can say, as it's rumored that the mysterious and brilliant alchemist is an absolute master of machinery.


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