Ailorian Calendar

Being introduced for the first time this campaign, the Ailorian calendar isn't that much different from our own outside of names. Dates are broken down by day and month, but years are numbered based on the era they belong in.

The Ailorian calendar was developed early in the world's history, by draconic astronomer, as such the naming conventions are based entirely on notable early draconic deities.


Named for the event that started each era, years are numbered starting with 0 as the initial event year.

Orogin – The first and longest era, a time of high and unrestrained magic. Races were still young and some had yet to see their beginnings.

Fallur – The fall of magic, as the worldmagic source was restricted. Many races died out due to various means of conflict and struggle to survive, and the world changed drastically for the first time.

Risur – The rise of civilization, certain races grew dominant and pushed their cultures forward into a growing age of order and development. Magic is heavily relied upon but understood that it cannot be the sole drive any longer.

Dominus – The fall of Bahamut plunged the world into the Dominus era, when the draconic god Tiamat took dominion over the heartland Neveria. This is the current era, when the land is rife with darkness and evil, those struggling with the light desperate to keep it shielded away from the claws that would seek to snuff it out.


Named originally after twelve draconic deities that stood for the seasons, which are universally understood to be roughly three months long each, and described as welcoming, deep, and waning depending on which month of the season it is.

January – Jeruhnis – White dragon of deep winter

February – Febras – Blue dragon of waning winter

March – Marra – Green dragon of welcoming spring

April – Abris – Copper dragon of deep spring

May – Maiga – Brass dragon of waning spring

June – Jurga – Gold dragon of welcoming summer

July – Jaila – Red dragon of deep summer

August – Agorias – Black dragon of waning summer

September – Segranis – Mercury dragon of welcoming autumn

October – Ogran – Bronze dragon of deep autumn

November – Nurvanis – Silver dragon of waning autumn

December – Decranis – Grey dragon of welcoming winter


Named after the seven draconic deities that stood for various parts of the day.

Sunday – Surgas – Black dragon of the moonless night

Monday – Mornas – Bronze dragon of the morning

Tuesday – Turas – Blue dragon of the vibrant day

Wednesday – Wyrdras – Green dragon of the midday

Thursday – Tirrugas – Brass dragon of the afternoon

Friday – Ferranas – Gold dragon of the evening

Saturday – Sirunas – Silver dragon of the moonlit night

Order of Date

When writing a date in full, the following format is used:

Day (number of day in the month)


Era (number of year in the era)

For example:

Ferranas 13 Nurvanis Destinis 13 translated is Friday the 13th, November of Destiny 13.

Ailorian Calendar

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