The Lycanthrope Curse

"Even a man who is pure at heart, and says his prayers at night, may feel Jezelda's call when the wolvesbane bloom and the autumn moon is high." – Common villager's poem

The curse of Jezelda, lycanthropy, has always existed within Riltar. Plaguing its people far and wide, it can effect anyone who suffers an attack from a werewolf or other were creature. Those who suffer the curse may see no signs initially that they've been effected with the curse, but on the next full-moon they will go into a terrifying transformation, becoming a werebeast of the creature that afflicted them with the curse and attacking all that they can. The curse can come from any beast, though the most proliferate are from wolves, bats, and rats. Once afflicted with the curse, only a powerful cleric can remove the curse, and its said only a weapon of pure silver can permenantly kill such a beast.

The curse of lycanthropy was first brought into the world by the goddess of lycanthropy and darkness, Jezelda. A terrible beast in herself, Jezelda's grasp influence all werewolves and beasts with evil in their hearts. Her clerics spread her faith by spreading her influence, and wish to see all villages and the cities themselves feel her wrath.

While any beast can bear the curse, there are three main races that spread this plague, and are thus the most populace of the werebeasts within Riltar:

- The Wererat (Rattusthrope) : Sneaky, cunning, and dastardly, the were rats are by far the physically weakest of the three. That being said, they're deceit runs extremely deep, using other packs of mundane rats to do their bidding and sneak themselves into cities, wererats are notorious assassins and bandits. Never willing to fight a fair fight, a wererat could appear in just about any city to gather information, or assassinate a target.

- The Werebat (Vesperothrope): Bloodthirsty and cruel, the werebats that bear the plague are debatably the most populous of the three. Attacking villages and leaving survivors, they look to spread their plague as far and wide as they can. Consisting of tight knitted packs, where there is one vesperothrope there are sure to be more. They hold no special ritual of bringing others into their fold, looking to increase their numbers and slake their thirst by any means.

- The Werewolf (Lycanthrope): The most savage and destructive, the werewolf is the greatest and most infamous of forces to be reckoned with. Powerful, intelligent, and ever-hungry for flesh, the werewolves of Jezelda look to convert all of the world to her pack. Working in tandem with the other two curse spreaders, the werewolves of the alphas of the three. Even more so terrifying is that this curse can come about in multiple ways; some become nothing more then a massive wolf, strong enough to challenge the dire wolves that sometimes come from the Dark Forest, others and most common werewolves are those that have a hybrid form and maintain their intelligence. By and large, the most fearsome of all werewolves are their Alphas who lead their packs, and the beasts known as the Loup-Garou. While the others maintains their sense of intelligence to varying degrees, a Loup-Garou has lost any means of selfperservation or humanity. They know only an all consuming rage and hunger, and entire villages and towns have fallen beneath the claw of a single Loup-Garou.

The Lycanthrope Curse

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