Religion and the Gods

There are many gods within Riltar, though not all receive the same amount of worship and attention as others. Some, are even hidden, worshipped only by select few that know their names and symbols, and others dark cults that chant their names in hidden places. While not every domain available to a cleric is listed below, these are the most widely worshipped gods within Riltar.

The Raven Queen
"With my embrace comes the cold, and the winter, and the death of all living things. Do not fear me, for I am a promise to all that draw their first breath." – The Raven Queen's Promise
The Raven Queen, goddess of death, is known to all within Riltar. A beautiful woman, pale as snow and clad in feather's as dark as the night sky, she is the embodiment of death and winter. Her followers and teachings say that death is an inevitability that come to all. That it is not something to fear, but to acknowledge and embrace when the time comes. Those that follow her teachings despise undead, as they are an unnatural abomination to the world and actively deny her embrace. Her clerics and priests give healing when they can, but do not wish to say an unhelpable person suffer. She is the goddess of winter, and is close friends with Sarenrae her shares her disdain for the undead.

Abadar, aka The Iron Key or The Walls of the City
"We are the protectors of the cities and the people within. It is us who hold the keys to these high walls, and it falls on us to uphold them so that we may protect those who cannot protect themselves." – Taken from the Oath of the Iron Keys
Debately more recognized then the Raven Queen, Abadar and his worshippers are in every city within Riltar. Protectors and lawkeepers, the Iron Keys protect those that follow the laws of the world. Having a relatively simple creed in the past, it fell on the shoulders of Abadar's worshippers to keep the monsters of the wilds outside of the walls of the city they inhabited. As of recent years, the worshippers of Abadar have taken a more violent dogma; actively seeking out magic users and punishing them for their arcane acts. Turning the public against them, they have begun to blame arcane magic users for the monsters that run wild. As of currently, there is a split between those within the church's clergy. Those that wish to purge Riltar of all of its arcane magic users, and those who claim that such an act would defile what Abadar once stood for. That all men and women deserve a chance to rise above, and earn their worth.

Sarenrae aka The Everlight or the Dawnflower
"Redemption should be offered to all that seek it. To turn an enemy to an ally is one of our greatest teachings, to show patience and temperance is what we teach. Know well though, that the dawn will burn those that refuse such a chance of atonement." – High Priestess Sidana
Virtuous priestesses of redemption and temperance, the followers of Sarenrae believe that even the most wicked deserve a chance of redemption. Those that refuse such gifts, are to be cut down swiftly and effectively. Sarenrae's people have always offered healing wherever they can, their churches and temples often filled with those that need their aid which they happily apply. While the followers of the Sarenrae are taught kindness to the needy, their views on the undead are incredibly strict. Strike them down without mercy. So well trained are the paladins of Sarenrae that, at one point the undead were quite populous within Riltar. Until a great crusade lead by Sidana the High Priestess wiped out a massive proportion of them, along with many necromancers that were quite populous within Riltar. One should consider heavily atonement when offered by the followers of Sarenrae. As they may not get a second chance.

Torag aka The Father of the Forge
"Keep the forge hot, take pride in one's work, and create everything with purpose. To create is one's greatest honor." – A Common Dwarven Saying
It would not be wrong if one were to claim that all dwarves worshipped Torag, for he is their patron god. Father of the Forge and master runesmith, the dwarves have based much of their lives off of Torag's works. Have a plan for everything, measure twice and cut once, take pride in all that you work on. Every dwarven smith keeps a tenet of Torag within their forge, and many pray to him over their works. His teachings are quite simple, but his drive, stubbornness, and cunning effects all dwarves within Riltar, as it is what they strive to be themselves.

Heironeous aka The Invincible or the Archknight
"They have us surrounded?! HA! Now they have no where to run! Glory and Virtue! Charge!" – Fabled Hero St. Ferrante
The world of Riltar is a very dangerous place, and it is nowhere better then for someone to prove their glory and virtue. The Archknight's tenets are to throw themselves head-on into battle, to face the greatest evils with the world with a calm and resolve. Everywhere there are trials and challenges one should face, be it beasts from the Dark Forest, a rampaging werewolf, or a screeching banshee, a follower of Heironeous faces all with the strength and heroism of a knight of old. With the rise of the firearm on the horizon, the 'outfit' of the typical worshipper has changed over the past few years. What was once chainmail and platearmor has slowly begun to be replaced with looser sets of armor, one that keeps them agile enough to face any challenge. Despite whatever a follower of the Invincible wears, a dazzling cape is always present. Heironeous has regards all dieties that fight evil as allies, though he is closest with Sarenrae. He is on mixed footing with Abadar, as he believes that their obsession with laws keeps them from doing the right thing, and he views Oliddimarra with a great amount of distrust. Still, the followers of Archknight charge headlong into battle first and foremost. For glory and virtue.

Garl Glittergold aka The Sparkling Wit, the Priceless Gem, or the Joker
"Some would say gold would lead to greed, and that it doesn't buy happiness. Pshaw. Gold leads to great times, especially when spent on friends and loves ones." – A tenet of the Glittergold
Garl Glittergold, the patron god of all gnomes by and large represents all that they are. Known for his good humor, good-intentions, and practical jokery, Garl teaches all gnomes that life should be looked at on the brighter side of things. Often seen as only the god of coin and money, most of his tenets actually revolve around laughter and good humor; treating ones friends as family, and treating ones family even better, Garl also makes a point to cut out the toxic people within one's life. Self awareness and treating oneself with gifts is also one of his most famous teachings. He's great friends with everyone, but rather then fight Garl would insist that a trick be played to escape what could be a fight to the death.

Oliddimara aka The Laughing Rogue
"Whoever said anything about us playing fair lied to you. A shame, really." – Stephanos, Leader of the Thieves' Guild.
By far the god with the least amount of temples, Oliddimara is the patron god of all thieves and rogues. He has no book containing his tenets, but thousands of different poems, songs, and lines that contradict one another. All that's especially clear of his motives is that Oliddimara loves to steal and play rather cruel practical jokes on nobles and those that have wronged his worshippers. As of teh most recent years and the arrival of Krineska's Carnival, Oliddammara's worshippers have activately fought with those that worship the Wicked Jester Queen. And an unseen war has begun to break out between the two.

Krineska aka The Wicked Jester Queen
"Gather one and all! To the greatest night of your miserable lives!" – Ringleader of the Circus
Krineska's merry circus troupe, that's what many would say with bitter words. For the god Krineska is a very bitter, jealous, and crazed god who delights in the murder of those who do not worship her. For a long time she was given a celebration by farmers, who would go to her circus's and allow one of their own to be killed to ensure a good season and to satiate her lust for murder. But with the rise of industry and more modern times, gods that would grant them luck without the death of someone they loved, many have turned away from her. Now those that worship her are not unlike a cult, killing those that do not worship their god and threatening many. So powerful has this cult gone that the worshippers of Abadar have begun to formulate plans to stand against them, and that those that worship Oliddimara have already begun to fight. Suffice to say, when the circus roles into a village, one can be sure there will be blood to be shed.

Nethys aka The All Magic or The Arcane Maelstrom
"Destroy. Create. Magic does neither, it simply is. It is the wielder's choice with what they do with it. Be it learned by tome. By their blood. One cannot deny the arcane." – Edict of Nethys
Considered to be the one true god of arcane magic, Nethys teachings are one steeped in knowledge and understanding of the arcane. Having gone mad long ago by knowing the fundamental secrets of magic, he is completely unbiased to those he worships. A god of knowledge just as much as magic, those that worship him do so in quiet secret for fear of persecution. Nethys cares not what is done with magic, be it used for evil or for good, for destruction or creation. All that matters to the god of arcane is that one learns from it, that one better's their knowledge, and to care not what others would do to stop them.

Desna aka Lady Luck or the North Star
"May the road lead you to your greatest dreams, may your dreams lead to your greatest adventures, and may your heart lead you home." – Text from The Eight Scrolls of Desna
Goddess of travel and journies, Desna's tenents and songs sing loudly in the hearts of those that travel often. Her clergy is informal, comprised of many clerics and bards that sing her songs. The paragon of her worshippers are those that strive to see all of Ailoria, braving both ocean and road to see new sights and discover unheard of stories. While temples are few and far between, most locations hold roadside shrines erected in her honor leaving markings and dedications to them. The few temples that do exist are open to the night sky, with plentifull texts, charts, and instruments to help track the stars and determine astronomical events.

Jezelda aka Mistress of the Hungry Moon
"The night belongs to us and us alone. We shall feed on the hearts of the weak, and whet our claws and teeth upon their bones." – Alpha Kahrrann
Goddess of the night and the dark side of the moon, Jezelda is the patron god of all werewolves. A horrific three eyes werebeast herself, it was she who brought the curse of lycanthropy to the world so many ages ago. Through her claw and bite she has devoured many a village and town on the outskirts of the world, and those that have lost themselves to hunt howl her name as they devour their prey. A primal beast of terror, the lycanthropes have plagued all of Riltar for centuries. 

Religion and the Gods

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