Large Towns

While the three largest cities within Riltar dominate most of the land, there are a number of large towns scattered throughout the land. Just as important in their own right, each of these large towns either has a steam link within it or one within less then a day's travel.

The only town settled just outside of the Dark Forest and nestled right against the Lost Men, Dendenas is a town filled with powerful warriors who cling to the old ways of life. Gruff, stubborn, and excellent hunters, the people within this town often hunt and kill the massive creatures that live within the Dark Forest. Dendenas contains a rich silver and mithral mines that many sellswords come to trade for, and alchemists often make the journey through the Lost Men pass for the rare ingredients procured from the Dark Forest and harvested from hunted animals. Easily the strongest and hardiest of all people within Riltar, these warriors use massively oversized weapons to great effectiveness.

Settled within the highlands and to the northeast of Wanderer's Way, Eldenshire is a town with one of the largest cathedrals within all of Riltar. This cathedral is dedicated to the god Heironeous, and the town is built all around with the cathedral at the center. Those who worship the hero god often make a pilgrimage to this area, to worship within the church at some point within their lives.

The largest port town within Riltar, Seahaven is built for the rugged, hardy seaman that brave the harsh waters that reside within Ailoria. Built for and by sailors, Seahaven was built to last against the storms that sometimes blow in from overseas. Seahaven is one of the few ports that sometimes gets visitors from the supposed other ntaions and continents that exist within Ailoria. Though they hardly have time to stay, those who seek to leave the harsh land of Riltar will find a ship willing to take them across the seas.

Built directly on top of Lake Morvar, the town of Stillwater is filled with fisherman of its their own. Bringing in the haul of the many creatures within the Lake, those within Stillwater also walk along the bottom of the lake collecting minerals from great mineral deposits using magic to do so. Stillwater, as of recent years, has come into great feuds with Trenton as the toxic runoff from the massive steam city and its factories have begun to pollute the waters of Lake Morvar.

A mining town, Greyedge is situated by a small lake with great mines of various precious metals and ores such as masonry stone, cold iron, and ever precious platinum. Due to these incredibly profitable metals, Greyedge is quite the profitable town and home to a large number of dwarves and gnomes, and large mining equipment. And due to containing one of the few cold iron mines and forges that specialize in its creation, many sellswords visit this area as well. This town primarily worships Abadar as well, and a large collection of Iron Keys are trained within this town, properly trained to wield cold iron weaponry.

West of the Lost Men, this town is situated right on the shore of Nightfall Bay. A favorite of nobles and tourists, Duskvale contains some of the greatest artists and musicians, often claiming inspiration from the beautiful Nightfall Bay. Unlike most towns, Duskvale holds no hatred towards the drow caravans that travel through Riltar and many drow have come to this town and settled down. Duskvale is also home to a church of Oliddimarra, one of the few churches of the god of thieves.

One of the few largest goblin towns, Hallowpoint is said to be the home of the goblin that discovered blackpowder and the first firearms some decades ago. As such it has a massive powder mill and gun factory, with goblins being trained in the art of alchemy and firearms. It's often advised to walk carefully within Hallowpoint, as errant explosions are common on this town situated near the mire. Rife with rare alchemical ingredients as well, its frequented nearly all the time by various alchemists.

Once a large town, nearly a city in itself, settled north near the Frozen Wastes, Gravencairn is now a necropolis. A place filled with the dead, none go near Gravencairn for the terrible spirits and undead that now walk along its frozen streets. Few are unsure just what happened within the town, but now the place is an unholy site, unfit for the living. The people of Sarenrae's following seek to find a means to pierce its stony walls and purge the undead. All that have gone however, have died, and now Gravencairn remains a bleak reminder of the undead that once roamed all of Riltar unchallenged.

A town dedicated to Abaddar and the Iron Keys, those who seek to enter into Sanctuary must pass through Ivorywall. Any steamchain that makes its way towards the city, is also searched top to bottom by the Iron Keys that guard the town of Sanctuary so fervently. Due to its close proximity to Sanctuary, the zeppelin within the holy city also makes trips from one town to the other.

Near a small forest north of Wanderer's Way, Arcadenn houses a mesh of all sorts of various products. Containing a copper mine, an iron mine, a lead mine, several forges, and an alchemist's and sellsword's guild, Arcadenn is frequented by many walks of life. It contains one of the only churches to Nethys, and as such is generally hated by those of Abaddar and other Iron Keys. Still, many speculate that magic users are trained within this town though few can say whether any of this holds any truth. 

Almost entirely a mining town, Coalpoint contains great factories dedicated to the same cause and is populated by the miners that work there. So deep do the minds in Coalpoint run, that the miners have found great caverns and tunnels running all throughout beneath the surface that the miners claim were natural rather then crafted by their hand. Duergar strike this town often, and while the minors have steadily become more and more prepared to fight them, they always lose numbers. 

Large Towns

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