Groups and Guilds

Many different guilds exist within Riltar, each of them requiring a tithe when first joining and then monthly jobs to keep a position within the guild. Remaining within a guild presents one with more job opportunities not normally available to common sellswords, and organized various jobs and such related to them. Making sure that those within the guild are treated correctly. Those that do not join guilds that follow such trades are often looked upon poorly, as it does not benefit the guild members within. There are also several groups listed throughout this page that are not guilds in themselves, but contain a great many number of members and function as a group together.


Alchemist's Academy
Headed by the gnome Nicolas Flameable, the alchemist academy and guild makes sures all professional alchemist are treated correctly. Save for the sellsword's guild, the alchemist's academy is the largest of those within Riltar as alchemy has become so popular. Dual parts making sure that the alchemist are paid and treated correctly, as well as teaching those that have an interest in learning. The alchemist academy also makes sure alchemy is not used for nefarious purposes, following a strict guideline of moral rules that keep heinous experiments from taken place. Alchemist that are caught doing such acts are forever branded as 'insane' and are shunned from the scientific community, often imprisoned as well by the local authorities.

The Jaeger's Lodge
Quite simply jaeger's hunt monsters. Be it drakes, troublesome fey, or creatures from the Dark Forest, the hunter's guild sends hunter's to deal with such monsters. They specialize especially in hunting and slaying lycanthrope's, many of the members within the hunter's guild having been effected by them in some point in their lives. Those within the guild are given ranks based on what they hunt, and how experienced they are. Starting from the lowest it goes as followed: scouts, jaegers, and the mithral huntsmasters. Even more powerful and skilled then the huntsmasters are the legendary Grimm Moonbane's. Legendary hunters that are said to be capable to tracking any creature, and slaying it with ruthless abandon. Those within the hunter's guild are paid once proof of their kill has been brought in, and few test the wrath of a guild that literally hunt's monsters.

Merchant's Union
The merchant's union is by and large filled with the most common folks within Riltar, and has the most guild houses throughout Riltar. Quite simply it ensures that shop keeps and merchants are given the protection they need, working quite closely with the sellsword guild to ensure that happens. Those within the guild are given protection for their shops, caravans, and the prices of their wares are kept competitive amongst those within the guild. Much of the guild is determined by popularity and wealth of the members within the guild, those with such things gaining certain benefits. Some outside of the guild claim that the merchant's guild has a habit of pressuring others to join and to change their prices, but few 'officially' say.

Sellsword's Guild
Nearly all sellswords join the sellsword guild. It's within the sellsword houses that job postings are made and payments are given for successful completions. They work very closely with the merchant's guild, often doing protection jobs for them to ensure that merchant's stay self whilst traveling through the dangerous wilds of Riltar. It's quite easy to join the sellsword's guild, and management is done with a simple token of approval. If the token is lost, then the tithe to join must be paid again. Within the guild there are many different parties, groups of sellswords that often work together, that tend to identify themselves with some sort of banner, logo, and name to go along with it.

Thieves' College
One of Riltar's best kept secrets, exceptionally little is known of the thieves' guild save that it's 'leader' is a man named Stephanos. Though the rumors that speak of the guild say that it is hidden beneath Riltar, and that it organizes all of the thieves gangs together throughout its lands. Their purpose is quite a mystery, but it's often said that if someone knows someone else, they can get hard to find goods, have certain people removed, or have a precious item stolen. Stephanos is said to frequent Wanderer's Way the most.

Explorer's Corp.
Leave no stone underturned or land unmapped, a very common saying within the explorer's society. Filled with pathfinders and torchbearers, the explorer's society is dedicated to not only charting and mapping all of Riltar, but all of Ailoria and its surrounding lands and waters. Treading where few others would dare go, the explorer's society is filled with daring young men and women who are willing to head straight into the darkness with torch in hand. Making plenty of money and coin off of having laid claim to unstaked land, clearing it of monsters, and also offering themselves as guides, the society functions as one massive family. All of its members are fiercely protected by one another, and as such very few would not pay a map maker. Risking life and limb, there's no place the society isn't willing to tread.


Riltar Regiment
Riltar is not without its very own conscripts and army. Created millennias ago, the regiment has stayed true and strong should any force prove itself great and powerful enough to threaten all of Riltar. That being said, the regiment spends most of its time acting as a sort of co-police force with the members of Abadar's church. All men and women at the age of 16 are to train for 9 months with the Riltar regiment, reporting to a nearby fort (of which there are many dotting Riltar's landscape) to learn how to wield simple weapons, defend themselves and their families against monsters or brigands should the need arise. Most conscripts leave the regiment after their 9 months, returning to their lives. However, many men and women chose to stay with the red and brass colors, moving from fort to fort, and being paid a modest sum which is taxed from the local major cities and villages. 

The Inquisition
Dark winds are blowing, yes this is the setting shared with every powerful figure within Riltar. No one is quite sure what it might be, what could lay in store, but many have speculated that Riltar is in for very dark times. With the rise of lycanthrope attacks, trolls gathering, and a supposed 'coven' of witches and hags being formed, there is talk amongst every sellsword that a group is being formed. Lead by the man Saint Cuthbert, it's said that members of every religion are flocking towards some hidden destination. Men are being seen in cities, wearing black cloaks and referring to themselves as 'Judges', working not just for Abaddar, but someone else, and asking questions as if they were looking for someone. No one is quite sure what this supposed 'Inquisition' hopes to gain, but many sellswords wonder just where the location of this place resides. And just what their intent actually is.

Groups and Guilds

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